What to buy and use for proper grooming?

When it comes to looking attractive, it is not always about the clothes. It is also very much about how you look after your body and take care of it.

The grooming trend

The fact that increasing numbers of men are starting to pay a lot of attention to how they look and what they wear is not that surprising. It is also not that surprising that they are willing to spend lots of money on various grooming and skin care products, as well as spend plenty of time in the bathroom shaving, plucking, and moisturizing. While some women may still prefer that rugged look in men, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they like unkempt and scruffy beards and hair.

What to use?

Now, the real question is what does it take to look sharp when it comes to grooming. Well, if you need help with the answer, we have prepared some tips on how to choose the best grooming products for men. Let’s go step by step.


hdhjd84First of all, let’s start with the pre-shaving. Before you start shaving, you need to prepare your skin for it. The skin needs to be treated very gently, and you need to ensure its smoothness, by washing it and cleaning the pores. To do that, make sure to use facial scrubs for men, in order to exfoliate the skin.

This way, you will also expose the hair follicles and the skin pores, which will ensure a cleaner and smoother shave. You will also significantly reduce the chances of spots developing from dirty pores. Since the majority of exfoliating products contain some abrasive substances, like the sea salt, try to use exfoliating gloves or a sponge in order to apply the product over the skin.

Shaving care

Shaving also requires plenty of care. Always remember that you are dragging a very sharp blade over your skin, whose surface is very delicate and sensitive. For this purpose, you will need a perfectly clean razor. The ensure that the razor is clean and safe, use an appropriate shaving lubricant. You can also look for a plethora of gels, creams, oils and foams, which will keep you from any irritations. Keep in mind that some gels have a tendency to clog up the razors, whereas creams can reach the deepest layers of your skin.


Post-shave care is as important as the pre-shave care and the shaving itself. If you have a very sensitive skin and you frequently experience burns after shaving, you must take appropriate actions. The best method of providing after-shave care involves using a gentle soap for a good wash and rinsing under cold water, so as to close the pores. The ensure the best results, you can use moisturizers or clarifying cleansers.

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A smart purchase

hdhd84When buying grooming products, you need to ensure that they are perfectly safe and effective. Before making any purchase, determine your skin type and base your purchase on it. If you have oily skin, try to find products without too many oils, etc. Also, keep in mind that some products might contain ingredients you might be allergic to. Always read what the product contains, before making the purchase. If you are uncertain about some chemicals, use only 100% natural products.

Finally, remember that you will use these products mostly in your home. They need to be very simple and easy to use. If a product is too complicated to use or requires someone else’s help to be used properly, avoid it and look for something else.